College Update

After a crappy beginning to my week courtesy of my Career Advisor, I got the grade back from my Psych professor on the rough draft of my final paper, which I sent in yesterday morning. Basically, if you turned it in and tried to cover the topics within, you got the full grade. He gave audio comments, which basically stated what I already knew: solid paper, needs additional focus to take what is currently five pages to eight for the minimum final page requirement. For some reason, I tend to do better on my Psych papers than my English papers, which always make me think. I omitted the headings from the template, thinking they were just guidelines, only to be told they weren’t. So I can add those babies in next week, and add a little more to my other paragraphs, and be good to go!

Is the job of a career advisor to make you feel like crap? If so, she did her job.


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