Random Life Update

There are less than two weeks left until the end of this term. I am ridiculously excited. Shakespeare, as much as I have been enjoying it, is kicking my butt. I am holding a “B” average in the class, mainly because my professor wants me to apply myself more to my discussions (and I know I said I wasn’t going to talk about him, but I am itching to say something to people other than my sisters and my mom). He’s right, but it still aggravates me. He also finds all kinds of errors in my papers, and I am just ready for it to be over. With Psych, it’s going good. I have found that I have a whole lot of negative things to say about myself within the Social Psychology realm. I keep recounting middle school experiences, and I got to use Ryan for a discussion, and the Christian Guy for a classwork assignment on initial impressions.

I have also been thinking about Latin Honors. If I maintain at least a 3.5, I can graduate Cum Laude. In order to receive this honor, I need to petition to graduate by February 1 in order to have the petition approved by April 1. I don’t know why I am so determined to graduate with Latin Honors. I’ve been on the Dean’s List once, and the President’s List three times. I have had the highest GPA I have ever had, and yet I still want Cum Laude. I guess if I am going to graduate, I want to do it with a bang. I’ve worked hard.

On a non-school note, it’s hotter than blazes. My tattoo appointment is set for August 15, and I will post a photo when it is finished, since the design may change when I go to get it. That story can wait until it happens.

I am going to go find something fun to do online, since I am basically done with this week’s work.


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