Am I a Bigot?

I was just called a bigot on Buzzfeed. It was in regard to an article on Raven-Symone rolling her eyes on some comment Candace Cameron-Bure gave on ABC’s The View. The topic was on a bakery in Oregon denying to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple and the couple calling out the bakery on the Internet.

I basically just said in my original comment that the show had gone down the toilet since it first began, and that ABC should do everyone a favor and cancel it. This is an opinion that many people other than me share, so I left it there. Hours later, I am alerted that there were comments, and I go to find that I am branded a bigot. Naturally, I had to defend myself. Especially since I was labeled as anti-gay marriage (see a previous post on that subject).

The definition of a bigot is “someone who is strongly partial to one’s own group, religion, race, or politics and is intolerant of those whose opinions differ” (The Free Dictionary). I don’t know if I am a bigot when it comes to Candace Cameron Bure’s opinions, but I definitely feel a strong sense of intolerance towards people who do not believe in equality for the LGBTQ community.

Okay, I am done talking now.


The Free Dictionary


3 Replies to “Am I a Bigot?”

  1. Yeah, okay, I’m just sick and tired of seeing that word thrown around every time someone disagrees with someone else. I got called a bigot awhile back on Yahoo Answers because I asked a question about what Jewish people believed about, I believe, the afterlife (I can’t recall exactly anymore). Only two people answered, and one was a stupid, senseless answer, so I gave best answer to the other one. A few days go by and I get a private message from this guy who said I was a bigot for favoriting the answer I did. THEN he went on to explain why the answer given was wrong and why it made me a bigot to choose that answer. I think “bigot” is the only word in his vocabulary, because that’s all he could say about me.

    Anyway, yeah, I just think people ought to learn what the word means before they go throwing it around at others.

    1. Yeah, all I did was say the show needed to be cancelled. No need to call me a bigot for such an innocent statement. I think people really need to learn what it means before they go throwing it around.

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