Aggravating Neighbors

The last two days have been full of anxiety. We have a new neighbor across the hall, and our parking spaces are next to each other. And at first, I thought he’d be different from the previous people and not steal our spot, but yesterday I watched as he told a friend he could park in our spot, which he has done numerous times within a 24-hour period.

My mom “intervened” by asking one of the maintenance men a question, and he said it’d be taken care of. Hours later, he left a note about parking space abuse … but at the wrong apartment. Around 9:45, my sister freaked me out and told me one of his many lady friends was just leaving our spot. Because my sister will have the car for at least the next two days, we rushed to our dad’s space and took the car before he (and any friends) could come back.

We left a polite note, and now I will be calling the office in the morning to talk about the issue again. I doubt this will go well, but we’ll see.


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