Dream I Had This Morning

I am typing this from my new tablet PC, so if there are spelling errors, it is due to the fact I am still getting used to a different keyboard.

Earlier this morning, I was having the strangest dream involving Daniel Lissing. He was my new neighbor  directly across the hall (I was living in a different apt/town home). At this point I knew my dream was going to end up like a thriller, so he was some sketchy guy who was going to date me and then become obsessed when we broke up. He had some tattoos on his arms, one near his ankle, and one on his bum. Here’s the funny thing: when I met him in the dream (during which point he shoved his foot in my door to continue talking to me), he was fully clothed. When he turned to go into his apt, he wasn’t wearing pants or underwear (it kind of took a weird trail). I remember thinking he was attractive (and when I post the accompanying photos you will see why–at least to me), but I was definitely creeped out. He was also foreign, which Daniel Lissing is.

Here are the photos:



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