Another Term Down

And three more to go until I am totally done with college. It’s bittersweet, and yet I am just anxious to be done. These last few classes will likely kick my butt, so I don’t know what my posting is going to be like over the next seven months (yes, I am thinking that far ahead).

There hasn’t been that much going on outside of classes, except that I have been reading more in a recreational capacity than I have in the last two years, which has been awesome. Some recommendations:

  • The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, in case you haven’t read it. I had to read it for my Contemporary Lit. class, and I LOVED it.
  • The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. A lot of people are making comparisons to Gone Girl, which I didn’t like, but this book is awesome.
  • The Contours of the Heart series by Tammara Webber (comprising of Easy and Breakable). Both are really amazing, and discuss difficult subject matter.

There has been some drama in the apartment complex, some people were arrested in my complex, and that is all I want to say on that subject.

To close, I hope that autumn-like weather comes soon. I am done with 90-degree temperatures.


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