Tiny Update

I started the fall term yesterday. I am in for an interesting two months, with my British Literature class covering Frankenstein, Othello, and Beowulf. I initially thought Beowulf would be easy to read, but I have hit a wall. My other class deals with administrative relations, which is proving to be interesting, given I have never really worked in an office environment where my opinion mattered.

I’ve already learned that my INFJ personality type fits me to a T, and that my thoughts of obtaining a Master’s to be a Librarian makes sense. With that said, I have not decided whether or not to earn my Master’s. I have six-and-a-half months left until I have earned my Bachelor’s, and I am dragging myself to the finish line, so the thought of continuing on for a Master’s sounds unappealing. Speaking of nearing the end, my new Advisor (the other one emailed me two weeks ago and informed me she was leaving effective immediately) told me that after I register for Term 3 (the last one–yay!), I could petition to graduate. I will do that when the new reimbursement comes out the week of October 13, and we shall see if everything is in order.

Lastly, I hope the weather changes soon. Autumn begins tomorrow, and I wish for the weather to no longer be above 80-degrees.


Author: Colleen S.

I enjoy writing, sitting at the beach for hours on end; just staring out into the beautiful vastness. I love stargazing, and playing with babies. My one ambition in life is to be a published author. I also would love to travel to Dublin, Scotland, Paris, and London. And my current male celeb lust object is Tom Hiddleston.

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