Sorry for the lack of writing…I have been caught up in class work, Christmas shopping, or just being plain lazy. Here’s a short round-up of my time since my last post:

  • I went and saw Crimson Peak. What an interesting movie that was. It would have probably been more enjoyable if I hadn’t spent every ten minutes looking to my left to ensure that the woman at the end of the aisle wasn’t planting a bomb and repeating the spooky stuff in creepy whispers.
  • I have been entangled with Beowulf, Frankenstein, and Othello. All three were mentally taxing, but I am finally done with reading them for my British Lit class.
  • I wrote my last two papers for my Term 1 classes, as of next Friday (if not earlier), I will have a nice two-week vacation. And then, there will only be over four months left until I am one-hundred percent done with college!

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