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What an Interesting Week

Friday the 13th was last week. Typically, it’s a day when anything that could go wrong usually does. My Friday the 13th went off without any trouble. However, the days leading up to it weren’t a walk in the park.

On Wednesday, I was out buying lunch with my mom and sister when I receive an email stating that I have a past due balance on my account and I can face being dropped from college because of it. My heart sinks and I immediately wonder the heck is happening. I get home, eat my In-N-Out burger, and call the number provided. Thanks to someone from the financial aid department suggesting I lower my stipends from the government so I don’t have to pay back as much after graduation, I had to pay back Terms 6 and 1 because she forgot to adjust the amounts for those terms when revising my financial aid.

Just this morning, I finally got everything straightened out. At the current moment, I owe $150 for my graduation fee. But, according to the woman in the credit department for the college, I might not have the funds to pay the fee when the next disbursement comes out the week of Christmas. It’s times like these I wish I had been more prudent with using my student refunds, so that I would have the money to pay for the excess amount of money that will likely be left over when the loan disbursements occur in the next couple of weeks. I don’t regret quitting my job in December, because it would not have helped me in this situation.

Moving onto somewhat happier news, I have looked at the syllabi for the next two upcoming classes, and I am in for some interesting times. My New Media Publishing class is going to make me prepare to be a writer. I have to create social media accounts, which I must post to and use regularly throughout the course. I have to create a blog, which I have to write two posts for, in addition to creating an author’s page where I detail stories/novels that are works-in-progress. Obviously, Matt and Aidan are going to be one of those things, because it’s the one story I have the most information on. I will post links to those places as soon I get them up and running, in case you want to check them out.

I’ve put up and decorated my Christmas tree. It’s ridiculous, but I bought a new tree at Michael’s for $20, and it’s been on the floor, waiting to be decorated. I printed out a seashell and made it the tree topper. After the week I have had, I needed something bright and happy in my life.

Next week is Thanksgiving, and I am making a pizza.

That will do it for this long essay of a post. I will update you on the status of things, if I remember. Thanks to any of you who actually read this entire post.


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