2016 is here, and I only have a few things pressing on my mind.

  1. Obviously finishing my degree, and ensuring that I pass my classes and am on time to graduate in April.
  2. Finding a job after graduation (which is proving to be fruitless)
  3. Going back to classes after the break, when I am dreading to do so.

In regard to #2, I have been looking into jobs for Creative Writing majors, and I have found that 98% require 3-5 years experience–which I don’t have. I keep hearing my Career Advisor (who just dropped off the face of the Earth) talking about experience, and I just feel like kicking myself. But at the same time, I have no regrets. I am just looking for something at this point that pays well and doesn’t make me feel like my previous job did.

I can’t say much about school, since I have referenced this site on my English class’ board, and who knows who is coming through here and going back to the instructor with what I’ve said (or she sees for herself). And with that said, this term just leaves me feeling lifeless. Maybe it’s because I am in the home stretch of being done, and after over three years of doing nothing but endless classes I just feel like an overcooked turkey, but I am seriously dreading returning on Monday. There are other mitigating factors which I will reference after the term is done in February, but for the reasons I stated at the beginning of this paragraph, I cannot comment on them presently.


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