English class rant

Because it is technically the end of the term and I can no longer remain quiet, I want to get a few things off of my chest regarding my final required English course that I am about one week away from freeing myself from its terrible grips. If you want, you are more than welcome to read it.

Fair warning: I may have a change of heart and delete/privatize this post within two days, so read it when you get the chance (this might last the duration of two weeks, until I am completely done with the class, and then I will make it public again).

I went into the class somewhat excited for what it was to hold, as evidenced here. Within the first or second week, I was already hating this course. I can’t explain at what moment I had realized that the next three months (because Christmas fell smack in the middle of the term) were going to be the longest ones I had endured. For those of you who have been with me since basically the beginning of my college days, that is saying something. Right before Christmas, everything fell to pieces. My instructor somehow forgot Christmas was happening, and had “Considerately” given us an extension until December 29 to submit our assignments, when the college gave us until January 3 (she later retracted this, but the damage was already done to my opinion of her).

Here we are, a month later, and I think that my opinion has grown even more negative. If this course prepares us for writing careers, I am worried. I am not saying that a lot of self-published authors create their own websites and blogs, but the crap we’ve had to endure to create these items was like being up Satan’s bum. I feel as though even self-published authors don’t have this much trouble (or an instructor who knows bubkes) when creating these pages. My instructor basically insulted every single one of us by stating that none of us are ready to create social media accounts to self-promote, and many of us (myself included) are already pretty adept at writing blog posts and promoting ourselves.

At this point, I am pulling a low/high “B” in her class, which I hope remains once my final assignments and discussions are graded (not that I am expecting this to happen). Regarding the reviews I have read about her on the SNHU Grade my Professor page on Facebook, she has more than earned the “Avoid this instructor at all costs” rating.



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