I decided to use my 10-inch convertible laptop instead of bringing out my bulky HP that is on its last legs (I just want it to last through April), so I could go online and just use something that doesn’t have a noisy fan. 

I was getting ready to watch Trainspotting on Netflix, when this happens:

I let it do the percentage thing, while looking into the error code on my phone, only to find it’s a blue screen of death. Now, I can’t turn the stupid thing off. I encountered a similar issue months ago (without the BSOD), while in the middle of surfing online, it just went black. Two days of charging and trying to turn it on did nothing. A week later, I recharged it again and discovered that it likely overheated. 

And now, it will have to do the same thing to turn itself off (if it ever does). I wish I’d bought the Toshiba Satellite instead last year.


Author: Colleen S.

I enjoy writing, sitting at the beach for hours on end; just staring out into the beautiful vastness. I love stargazing, and playing with babies. My one ambition in life is to be a published author. I also would love to travel to Dublin, Scotland, Paris, and London. And my current male celeb lust object is Tom Hiddleston.

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