As I promised in another post, this a (somewhat) faithful account of my eighth grade trip to Disneyland. It’s long, so I have separated them into parts.

When it was announced that the eighth grade trip to Disneyland was going to happen, and what your grades (and behavior) had be like in order to go, I worked my butt off to the best of my ability to ensure that happened. The behavior thing was in the bag, since I didn’t act up, but my grades were the trouble.

I was able to go, my parents paid the money to buy my ticket, and everything was set to go. The day of the trip, the power had gone out at the school. I was wondering if the power outage was going to jeopardize the trip, and classes began. In English, we did some reading by nonexistent light. I think the next class was History, which was riot and a half. Because the power was out, our teacher allowed us to play card games, as long as we were quiet. I joined up with two of my female classmates, Patrick, and his friend, Willy to play Bullshit. Somewhere along the way, the game went from being played to Patrick coming up with condom slogans using popular commercial slogans in 1998, which had all of us laughing hysterically. I was pretty sure we’d get in trouble, we were laughing so hard.

After History, I went on to Math, where the power returned (SDG&E has a seriously bad sense of humor). After Math, I went to my locker, making friends along the way with everyone because I had won the candy jar for the week. I gave my sister my locker number and combination, so she could take out the jar at the end of the day. I then went to lunch.

Patrick had joined us, and I was so nervous in his presence that I drank only water. He talked to me about his sister, and there might have been flirtation on both sides. I looked over at the front of the school, and noticed the buses had arrived. Thinking we had somehow missed the announcement the buses had arrived and were about to leave, I shouted, “Shit!” We both hurried to the front of the school, only to discover they were just showing up and making space for one another. We found out which buses we were on (arranged alphabetically by last name), and we stood nearby where our buses were.

Arriving at Disneyland’s gates, we were reminded one last time that we were being allowed to tour the park by ourselves. We were also reminded to be mature, and be back to the buses by 9:30, or we’d have to call our parents and let them know they had to drive up to Anaheim to collect us. We were then set free. My first order of business was to buy a Sprite, which was the size of a Big Gulp at 7/11. After that, I think I did some shopping.

Having bought my family presents and myself a one-use camera, I went to ride Pirates of the Caribbean. I enjoyed myself thoroughly, despite being seated with an enthusiastic family. I then went to the Haunted Mansion, where I managed to scare the heck out of myself. I walked around the park, since I didn’t ride other rides (I am lame). I walked to the statue of Mickey and Walt Disney, where I ran into my classmates and pseudo-friends (referred to as such because I sat and ate lunch with them when I couldn’t eat with my sister and other friend, depending on the day of the week). I went to dinner with them at a burger place nearby what used to be The Country Bear Jamboree, and ate a delicious hamburger that made me smell like onions.

We went back to the statue, where I started using up the rest of my film on useless photos. I was going to use my last picture on a couple of classmates snuggling on a bench, when I saw Patrick walking towards me.I got up, and asked if I could take a picture of him. He made this goofy face, and that was the end of the camera. He asked if I would like to join him and his friend, and I said my goodbyes to everyone behind me. He asked what ride I wanted to go on, and I was hesitant to say anything. The boys suggested the Matterhorn, which I managed to get them to quiet about when I mentioned I could barf on them. They also suggested the Teacups, but I said boys couldn’t be trusted, so I vetoed that as well. I suggested PotC, and they agreed.

–To be continued–



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