Yesterday, we had an exterminator come into the apartment to help rid us of some annoying insects. We came home around 4:06 pm with our cats, and the only off thing was that my toilet was running. I didn’t think anything of it, since people have to use the bathroom, and if you’re unfamiliar with my toilet, you wouldn’t know it occasionally runs.

This morning, I was in my bathroom (after having taken a shower, blow-dried and straightened my hair, and brushed my teeth), and I noticed there were pink streaks of my hand soap on the door. The more I looked at them, I realized they spelled out something. Initially, I thought it said ‘Rape’, but my sisters have pointed out that it reads ‘HELP ME.’

There was more above where this person wrote those words, but they aren’t legible to us. I put in a call to the office, and sent them photos of the door, which I am sharing with you. My sister played with the colors a little more, and discovered that above the ‘HELP ME’ this person drew a heart. I will upload her photos in a separate post. To say I feel violated and a little freaked out is a strong understatement.

This is my soap. which is missing more than I normally use.


I also don’t leave the dispenser like this.


One of the photos my sister and I took


This is a bit clearer


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