I am done!

I wrote this post March 15th, so with any luck, I will actually do well in these final two classes, and have graduated. Update April 4: I have an ‘A’ in my IDS class, and am awaiting the final grade for History.

Well…here we are. Three-and-a-half years of hard work, some crying, and some learning, and now it is all over. Today marks the final day of Term 3, and my college career. It’s bittersweet, but I am so glad to be finished. This last term has tested my resolve, and I have literally counted down the last seven weeks of this final term. It kind of reminds me of the first semester of my Physical Science class my Sophomore year of high school, which I had to repeat with the same instructor as the year before, who was the worst teacher on the planet. I had hoped never to encounter someone like her again, and she found me, seventeen years later. But, that’s all over, and now I can breathe a little easier.

I don’t want to write a long post (not that it matters, I am getting my hair cut the day this posts), so I will now write my list of thanks:

  • My sister, Kelsey, who has lived with me throughout the entire college experience. Thank you for not killing me when I’ve bitten your head off because I was working under a deadline for my IDS instructor who had made it her mission to be evil. Also, thank you for not laughing or making fun of me that one Summer term when I became so frustrated formatting that paper for Anthropology or Sociology that I almost started crying.
  • My mom, dad, and other sister- Thanks for the support and answering any questions I had, as well as listening to me rant about classes. 
  • The readers of this blog, who have seen my posts go from almost daily to maybe one post a month. Thanks to those who stuck around.
  • Thank you to the countless Advisors (all five of you) who have helped me with my issues with classes and instructors.
  • Thank you to the instructors who actually helped me learn something new, and made it interesting.
  • To my cats, Bella and Storm. I want to thank you for being cute and cuddly (although annoying) on those days when classes were kicking my butt. I yelled at you both a lot, but you always forgave me for being a jerk. Even though you can’t read this, thank you.
  • I also want to thank the 2.5 computers I have used during these last three years, all of which have broken in one way or another (I went back to the HP in October 2015, only to have it basically quit on me three weeks before the end of the school year. I am using the 10.1-inch computer to finish out my courses and write this post). I hate every single one of you–especially the HP, which I begged to wait until the end of college to go kaput.

Anyone I have missed, my apologies.

When my care package with cap, gown, diploma, and tassel arrive, I will take photos and post them–because that is what I do.



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