Post-graduation update

I thought that once I was finished with college, that I would be blogging more. But it seems that some of those final English classes convinced me that writing posts about absolutely nothing wore off on me. Also, there hasn’t been much going on with me in the last three weeks.

I completed my financial aid exit counseling last week, and found out I owe $40,000 for my education. Compared to others, that is not a lot of money. However, to someone with no money and bleak career opportunities (because I don’t have 3-5 years experience), that is an exorbitant amount of money.

I reached out to my Career Advisor (who has not been very helpful in the past) last week, and she called me on Friday, and is supposed to be calling me this afternoon. Considering that the last time we set up a phone meeting she never called, I am not optimistic she will actually call me, but I could be surprised. She provided some links to potential jobs, which I saved a couple in the event she calls and asks me what I thought.

Those two jobs I liked and saved, I feel I am qualified for, but I have a lot of self-doubt. I kind of feel like I did when I began college in 2012, and I couldn’t read books by anyone because I  was questioning my writing ability. Thankfully, I got over that, but the idea of actually working in a sector that I have spent the last few years working around for school is frightening. I wrote a post on obtaining a degree in Creative Writing on LinkedIn, which got a lot of views and some comments, none of which were negative, which was very interesting. My dad came across the post (because working for a hospital=having a LinkedIn account), and he showed it to my mom. Of course, they both read it, and remarked that I had writing skills (thanks for possibly questioning my writing skills dad). And now I need to look for something that will afford me to pay $250/month in student loans for the next twenty-five years.

Fingers crossed, everyone.


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