Interview With the Vampire Remake Thoughts

I am self-professed vampire fan. This isn’t something I hide from people. I might want to tone down the level of admiration I had for the Twilight saga when speaking to people, but I never shy away from the level of love I have for all things vampire.

I recently read that there is a remake of Anne Rice’s Interview With the Vampire  and an (long-awaited) adaptation of The Vampire Lestat, and my first thought was, “Why?” I mean, I was eleven when IWtV came to theatres, and I was 11-12 when I glimpsed it for the first time on HBO. I have written about how Tom Cruise’s Lestat awakened me in many aspects, and when I think of Lestat and Louis, I think of Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt. Remaking this seems utterly ridiculous.

Then this morning, I see that the writer/director/producer wants Jared Leto for Lestat. Suddenly, I am on-board for a remake. No, not because I think Jared Leto is a nice-looking guy (which he is), but because he would bring Lestat’s intensity to life. Tom Cruise did an awesome job portraying Lestat’s annoyance with Louis’ lack of bloodlust, and the blatant disregard he has for human life being for anything other than sating his thirst. Besides, Jared Leto recently posted a tongue-in-cheek statement that he drinks human blood to remain looking youthful.

With that said, the casting of Louis has to be excellent, as well. Brad Pitt portrayed Louis’ disgust with his vampirism really well, and whoever fills this role needs to feel Louis’ pain.

Obviously, this is something I take quite seriously, and will be watching very closely over the next few months.


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