Today was the SNHU Commencement in New Hampshire. I had intended to watch it on my computer, but I went out with my sister and then my parents. I managed to get home in time to watch the Reading of Degrees (or handing out of degrees), and the way they do it is weird. They had two men reading off names simultaneously, and it was confusing.

I will admit this: I had to go into my bathroom have a cry. Not because I wasn’t there to participate, but for some unknown reason (I really have no idea why I cried). Thanks to a fellow student, those of us who were graduating but not attending, he provided the Commencement Program. I obviously scanned it for my name under the Arts and Sciences, and here is a collage I made with those snippets (Because WordPress has seen fit to prohibit images from being clicked on to become larger in a second window, I had to put it under the cut for page conservation):

BeFunky Collage
The other two images explain the asterisk and “S.”

According to what I have learned from others, my Latin Honors appear to have been ceremonial only, and will not appear in my transcript. This has ticked off a lot of people who finished their last terms in April, like me. We were misled by our Advisors and other staff through the college, and were never clearly told that despite the fact we finished classes before April 1, our conferrals wouldn’t be until May, which would have ruled us out of contention for full Latin Honors. Some of us are hoping that when our diplomas arrive in the mail (which should be sometime next week–YAY!), that it will have the Latin Honors awarded.


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