My Diploma

My diploma showed up two weeks ago, and I have just now decided to share the picture of it with you all.


What you might not be able to see is beneath the degree I earned are the words: Cum Laude. Yes, I did earn my permanent Latin Honors, and it came with a funny story. I brought home the diploma from the mailbox, opened it, and sent a picture of it to my sister so she could send it to our grandma. I was still miffed about not having my Latin Honors, since I worked so hard for them the next morning while out with my mom. We go to this ramp that takes you from our apartment complex to the shopping center next door, when she says, “You got your Latin Honors. It’s on your diploma.” I pull out my phone, open the photo of my diploma, and zoom in to find that she was right. I managed to stare at the diploma and stroke the seal at the bottom for several minutes, but my eyes ignored the small print.

Now the next step is getting a frame for it, which I had picked out months ago.


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