Construction Story

Okay, I have finished editing the story.


I was inspired by a scene from A League of Their Own, and I kind of ran with it. Obviously Gigi is me, although a lot more cool and together.

  • Morgan was modeled off of a couple of guys from my past. He is a mix of my crush from eighth grade, Patrick; and a smidgen of Ryan (and I mean, just a smidge).
  • Mike is based on a real guy that lived across the street from me in elementary school, who was a huge troublemaker. I didn’t see him again until Freshman Orientation, when he was dating a girl I knew from middle school. I NEVER dated Mike, and I never would have.
  • The location of the confrontation between Gigi and Morgan never actually happened with Patrick and I (and if you want to read about the actual “confrontation,” click here. There was a similar confrontation in my junior year with a guy in my Math class, that happened before class started.
  • I never went to Homecoming, so this is what I imagined it would be like with drama and romantic stuff.
  • The house and writing room are obviously my ideal. Who wouldn’t want a soundproof room with a view to nap in?
  • The story takes place on the East Coast, but I could have just as easily based it on the West Coast.
  • The whole construction worker theme is based off of a story I wrote (and never finished) when I was 20/21, and was in love with Luke from Gilmore Girls. I don’t know where that story is, but I would likely cringe when reading it.

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