More Titanic Musings

I have spoken about Titanic a few times in past posts, basically from the standpoint of being a fourteen-year old girl who fell deeper in love with history. Well, the gazillion times I watched the movie at home when it was released on VHS and seeing it three times in theatres in 1997 came back to bite me in the butt today.

BuzzFeed posted an article about Titanic actor Billy Zane believing Rose should have ended up with his character, Cal Hockley. Naturally, women spoke up about the fact that even though Cal might have been the better-looking one (I am of the opinion that both Cal and Jack are equally handsome), he was still a jerk and Rose was better off without him.

Here are some photos taken from comments I felt I had to respond to. Whether or not my historical knowledge is correct or not (although it does matter), I felt I had speak up.

Screenshot (23)

Would Cal still be suicidal?

Screenshot (24)

I think that my favorite response is that of Cal’s demise in 1929 with the Stock Market Crash. Cal  was always referencing his money throughout the film (I mean, he bought a necklace that belonged to Louis XVI–that would not have been cheap), and I think the idea of potentially having to do manual labor would have been abhorrent to him. Maybe I misjudged his character when I was fourteen, who knows?

Any thoughts on this topic? Do you all think I am a dork?


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