It has been nearly a month since I last updated, and I’d like to say I have been doing a great many things, but I would be lying. I have applied for a couple of jobs, but nothing panned out.

My birthday is next week. And what will I be doing the evening of my birthday? Checking the Placer County Superior Court website to see if I need to report to jury duty the following Monday. I know everyone has to endure it, but it’s a pain. The upside is that the day after my birthday, I am going to the beach! Look forward to photos from the excursion.

Other than that, I have been living with the noise of my apartment complex repairing the siding and balconies. They’ve totally skipped the balconies on my side, but I am figuring that all of them have to be completely fixed. I look forward to not having a balcony for several weeks, as well as being able to peer down into the neighbors’ floors. I just wonder what the women on the first floor who use their porch to smoke are going to do?

I will try and update more often. Also, welcome new readers!


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