Recent Santa Cruz Trip

My recent trip to Santa Cruz was kind of a letdown. I did more on this trip than when I went in 2014, but because there seemed to be a lot more people on the beach, being on the beach itself wasn’t as enjoyable.

I also went with my sister (the one closest in age), who spent most of the 3.5 hour trip commenting on California State drivers’ recklessness, which she herself is frightening behind the wheel. She always had something to complain about.

I rode the Skyride, which is a ski lift-type of ride that takes you over the expanse of the boardwalk. I did have some vertigo issues on the initial trip, but I got some pretty photos out of it (as well as the crowds below, unfortunately). At the end of this trip, the other three people I was in the car with unanimously voiced they would never go there again. I am not upset, seeing as even though San Diego beaches are just as inundated with people, it seems like there is more space for them.


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