Shows I’m into right now

  1. Versailles – The title alone is pretty self-explanatory. It’s a BBC show that airs on Ovation about the reign of Louis XIV of France and the construction of Palace of Versailles. It’s excellent.
  2. Westworld (HBO) – I am a bit surprised that I am into this show, considering that in the first episode, a character is led screaming to a barn to be raped. I stopped watching Game of Thrones after Sansa was married to Ramsay Bolton and the events of their wedding night.
  3. Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda (ID Discovery) – I LOVE crime shows, and I happened across this show, and have been in love ever since. I love Joe’s tenacity, and his no-BS attitude.
  4. Too Close to Home (TLC) – This show is what the reviewers on IMdB say: crappy. But I have to know how the first season ends, which is either tonight or tomorrow. I feel like the only shining light in this show is Brock O’Hurn, who plays the only likable character in the show, other than the man playing his dementia-riddled physician father. If the season ends on a bad note, I at least know I won’t be coming back unless  I am utterly bored.

I think that’s it. Maybe I will check back in and do a movie one soon. Annoying neighbors and off-season TV have made my cable provider’s On Demand service quite popular and I have watched many movies I normally wouldn’t.


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