H&M Reviews

I first want to begin by saying I am not in no way affiliated with H&M, I just wanted to be able to provide a review of these two products, since the company does not have reviews on their site.


I ordered this in a Medium, after much deliberation and measurement, since I know H&M’s sizing is vastly different to those of stores I frequently shop in. When the sweater arrived, it looked nothing like the one in the picture. My sweater looked like a crop top. When I put it on, it hits the top of my hips (I should note that I am endowed in the chest region). I wear it with a black tank top, so I can keep my stomach covered when moving around. It is also very heavy weight. It is ideal for cool weather (65 degrees or lower), otherwise you will roast like a chicken. Other than that, I love this sweater.

  • The next item I wish to review is a rain coat.


According to the website, the coat is out of stock. I am still providing a link anyway, just in case it is restocked. This is a coat I have been looking high and low for. Because the site doesn’t have reviews, I am doing women a service and telling them my thoughts on this item in particular.

I knew I needed to try this on (and do try it on, if you have an H&M nearby your residence), but was unable to because my store didn’t have it at the time. I happened to go into my local store a few days later, and found them all hidden behind some ugly military jacket (nice job, staff at the store). I tried on a Medium (my usual size), and it was like a tent. Frantic with excitement that I had found the jacket I really wanted, I went and looked for a Small. I found one, and it fit a little more snugly (but with a lot of room to maneuver).

Last week, I tested it out in the rain. This was not measly rain, but an honest-to-goodness downpour. I was in and out of the rain for over five hours, and it was  only in the last forty-five minutes that I began to feel “seepage” on my back. What I really love about this coat is that the hood has a drawstring, so you can keep your hood on when the wind blows. The first few wears will leave a slight “balloon scent” on your clothing, but if you don’t have an aversion to the scent of latex/rubber, this shouldn’t be an issue. The pockets are also waterproof on the inside, which is nice for people like me who have to carry their phones on themselves because they never hear them ring. Also, it is a lightweight coat, so dress warmly in colder rainstorms.


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