Last night was brutal. I shed a few tears out genuine fear of what is to come, hours before the results were announced.

I love having the ability to work, make decisions about my body and who can touch it, and having access to free birth control. Now, that’s all out the window. I cannot afford medical care because I don’t have a job; and even though I do have access to free healthcare in my state, I don’t use it because it is harder than hell to get in to see anyone. Now, that is threatened, as well as using birth control, which allows me to have painless periods.

I will try to be optimistic. Politicians rarely follow through on most of what they promise, but the fact that this guy has one of the United States’ foremost religious anti-abortionists in his pocket makes me truly nervous.

To the non-Americans that follow and read this blog, I DID NOT VOTE FOR HIM! 


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