Apartment Review

Hey there, fellow readers! Long time, no see, right?

Things have been going well. I was really close to getting a job with the local library, being #6 out of the top five for the position. It sucks, and I am hoping to find something that doesn’t require me to get up at the crack of dawn or be working past 9 pm every day of the week.

My birthday was … okay, but wasn’t really all that eventful. I got some cool presents, and that is about it. I am getting a tattoo in less than three weeks, and I want to be autumn.

Okay, let’s proceed with the actual post that is named in the headline. As you may know, I wrote a review for Yelp in the event I actually moved out of my apartment in April, which didn’t happen. It also happens to be three pages long (and counting), which obviously is far too long to post anywhere but a blog. What you read below is something I have compiled over the last four years, and even then, I had omitted a lot of stuff to cut down the length for Yelp (although I will be adding in some things I wrote about the management company in the following review as well). For obvious reasons, I will not be naming the complex.

I lived here for four years, and I would highly recommend that NO ONE live here. When I first moved in, you couldn’t hear people in the apartments next to you or below you, unless they were ridiculously loud. That only lasted about six months. Four years later, I could hear my neighbor’s kids screaming, and the women who lived below me having a conversation at three in the morning (I slept with earplugs and two fans running, if that offers you some insight). Within three months, the carpet rode up in every room without reason. In early 2017, there was an annual inspection, which for the first time in the four years I lived here, they noticed the bunching carpet. Various members of management and maintenance have been inside the apartment in those years, and NO ONE said anything. Management never contacted me to fix the problem. Another thing that prospective tenants may not be aware of is that the complex is comprised of two formerly separate apartment communities combined into one, so many apartments have the same numbers. For example, I lived on one side (where the Office is now located), and there was an apartment on the other side that shares my number. I got her Amazon orders all the time, because the delivery companies wouldn’t go in the other entrance. So, that is something to consider when moving in there.

As for management: when they arrived in July 2015, I was excited because the previous company was terrible. But over time, things changed. They re-paved parking spaces that were damaged by tree roots and put in additional speed bumps. However, they removed the middle parts of the speed bumps throughout the complex. This allows cars to drive down the middle of the street and speed through the complex. During the spring/summer of 2016, they sent out emails urging tenants to report speeders to the office, but how could we report them when management and maintenance speed through in their golf carts? To quell the problem, you must first set the example (they sent out another email in the summer of 2017, so you can see how much they give a shit about kids or tenant getting hit by cars or maintenance workers speeding through the complex). Just so you know, many emails were sent to management about the speeding maintenance workers, and despite assuring us they were told, maintenance still acts as though they’re the only people in the road and try to run people down. Also, management could give a crap about damaged buildings and curbs. I witnessed the manager and a co-worker kick a broken curb piece back into place and then laugh merrily at their “repair” job.

Safety-wise, you’re screwed. I lived across the hall briefly from a group of college-aged guys who were dealing drugs at all hours. People of all ages (some as young as fifteen) were banging on their door and calling out to them until they opened it to sell whatever it was they dealt. I ended up having to call the police because one guy was very belligerent (he was trying to break down their door) and he ended up stealing one of their cars while I was on the phone with the police as they entered the complex. If you have kids, there isn’t much for them. Yes, there are playground sets, but when it’s 110 degrees outside, I can’t imagine they’re much fun to play on. Kids and adults cannot bike here. Speeding is a huge issue, and even people walking through the complex are nearly taken down by cars coming in and out of the complex at high speeds or from cars backing out without looking.

Theft is also a problem. Maintenance and management drive through here all day long (as well as people), but cars and mailboxes are getting broken into in broad daylight. My dad’s car (among many others that same morning) was broken into and some stuff was stolen (nothing of value, thankfully) supposedly when the security staff drive around the complex every half hour after office hours.

Renovations have been going on since May or June of 2016, and by the end of January 2017, we all thought it was going to be over. Management sent out letters (even though they’re “paperless”) detailing when our buildings were to be painted. The following day, they sent out another letter stating that “unknown complications arose, and they were unsure when painting would begin.” A few days later, I was walking through a building nearby my own that had been 90% painted, to find that the construction crews never finished putting up the wood siding. Why didn’t management go through every building before sending out the letters? As of July 2017, construction is over, but tarps covering roofs damaged by the rains from the winter have yet to be addressed, and likely won’t be until after the coming fall/winter, when other apartments have been affected. They have also added some useful signs throughout the complex for directions, but none of the buildings are mentioned. Many buildings’ numbers are obscured (or nonexistent) by trees, and delivery people and friends/relatives get lost trying to find the buildings. So in short, nothing has really improved.

I am aware no one takes these reviews seriously, and that alone is a shame. These reviews are completely legitimate. You are entitled to think we’re making this stuff up, but live there and you will realize we were telling the truth.


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