What is this blog?

This blog is a great many things.  Mainly, it’s my outpost for random musings (hence the title).  I will post quiz results (when I desire to post them), random opinions on just about anything, poems by myself or poets I admire, basically anything random I can’t post elsewhere.



13 thoughts on “What is this blog?

  1. ocnlvr83 says:

    Sorry it took me so long to comment back, but I got sucked into the Pinterest vortex. Thank you for the compliment, even though I think my mind is a bit messy at times.

    There’s nothing wrong with poetry…nothing at all. Speaking of which, I need to look for more to continue my month-long recognition of April being National Poetry Month.

    I am always around, so if you feel the urge to poke further into my mind, send a comment. I wish there were a forum for my readers to do that, but I am still looking into it.

  2. ocnlvr83 says:

    I basically just get sucked into posting things on Pinterest and looking at other boards. I am only halfway through my first year, but it’s going okay. I am currently taking two classes that mirror each other, and are sucking my will to live. I just keep reminding myself there’s only two weeks left of these classes and then it’s time for Anthropology and Environmental Science (I am trying to get the odd requirements out of the way and have some lighter classes for my sophomore year). I am a seasoned pro with blogging–I’ve had one blog for eight years (but it’s private now).

    I’ll check it out, thanks for the link!

    • Wuji says:

      Yes I remember the joys of College like it was yesterday. Now I’m back in tech school doing an IT intensive 1 year course. It’s oddly messing with my brain, in terms of left and right hemisphere integration 😛

      Sure, anytime! writerscafe.org is the ‘facebook’ of poetry. I had to run away from it. Hence, why I am here.

      • ocnlvr83 says:

        I despised IT when I took it last term. I like computers, but I realized about two weeks into my eight-week course term that I didn’t give a hoot about their ins and outs. I applaud those who have the fortitude to endure it, but I was ready to tear my hair out. I basically use writerscafe as an outlet to post stories that are too long for this blog.

      • Wuji says:

        Well maybe I know you and didn’t even realize I did! You never know. But well met, this is the most meaningful conversation I’ve had yet on here!

        I hope you have a good night, wherever you live.

      • ocnlvr83 says:

        You never know, do you? A meaningful conversation is always welcome to me. I feel like I don’t get enough of those lately.

        I am based in California, desperately dreaming of being on the East Coast or in Europe.

      • Wuji says:

        I’m in Canada in a french city, it’s liberating culturally and stifling economically. Do you have any handy tips how to increase traffic to the blog? I’m not sure how to tap into poetry readers and writers here yet…

        I’d kill to live in San Francisco, though I have to admit, the prospect of living in the States doesn’t exactly entice me as much as Melbourne or even Cape Town.

      • ocnlvr83 says:

        I have met a few Canadians (both of the English and French persuasion), since I worked in a TJ Maxx for two years when I was living in New Hampshire many years ago. I think anything in the economical sense is stifling, no matter where you live. California is ridiculous. I was raised here (except in SoCal), but I feel so disconnected. I also am having serious disdain for the country of my birth, and praying that some international study program flowers for my major.

        I don’t, sorry. My blog just took off one day, and it’s continuing to grow. I think it was all my posts about Eoin Macken over the last year (most of which have been made private to preserve my dignity) as well as my stories and poetry. It’s basically a gamble over which kinds of poems and stories people are into.

        San Francisco is gorgeous, but very expensive (not that it should shock you). And don’t worry about insulting my American sensibilities, I know my country isn’t exactly ideal for a lot of people.

      • Wuji says:

        So what kind of poetry do you mostly write? You write me such long replies, I feel like you are a bonfide penpal type! Alas, it is 1am in my part of the world. I live in Montreal, the one thing I can say is that the women truly are beautiful here.

        What’s your writerscafe’s site, I’ll check out your stories if you don’t mind?

      • ocnlvr83 says:

        I am actually touching on the topic of kinds of poems I write in a post for tomorrow. But mainly they’re dark poems of a depressed nature. There is an occasional day when I write a happy poem, but for the most part, I write depressing poems. I like penpals! I haven’t had one since I was 12, but they’re fun. My experience (however limited) with persons from Montreal are they don’t like speaking English to those who don’t have a grasp on French. But if I am ever in New Hampshire for a trip, they won’t have that advantage any longer.

        Let me go find a link to one. I also just realized I use Booksie more, especially for a recent story I just finished.

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