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I am going to be in a book!

I received an interesting email two weeks ago, saying that the owner of the site that I submitted the introverted retail worker article to was publishing a book that contains parts of my article. Obviously, I am not getting paid for this, but it is still cool to be in a book.

The book comes out this fall.

Screenshot (9)_LI

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I’m Getting Published!

Now before you all applaud, I’m not getting paid or anything like that. I wrote an article for Introvert, Dear, which is a site geared towards the introverted and sensitive. It details my past with HomeGoods, where I worked for the longest two months of my life. 

It doesn’t go live until 9/22, but I got the final proof today. My post will even be posted on their Facebook page. 

This is a start, even if it’s not paid. I will be posting the link when it goes live. 

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Fingers Crossed

I just submitted a story I wrote by hand last night and typed up earlier today for a contest. Should I win the grand prize, I would receive $2,500 and a whole bunch of other things. Winners won’t be announced until December, but I want to win this so bad.

Unfortunately, I cannot upload the story here, because it has become the property of the contest company and I don’t want to be disqualified. I can, however, tell you what it’s about.

The story is about a guy and girl who have known each other since middle school, and reconnect in college. Old feelings resurface, and they suddenly have to figure out what happens next.

I really want to win.

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Construction Story

Okay, I have finished editing the story.


I was inspired by a scene from A League of Their Own, and I kind of ran with it. Obviously Gigi is me, although a lot more cool and together.

  • Morgan was modeled off of a couple of guys from my past. He is a mix of my crush from eighth grade, Patrick; and a smidgen of Ryan (and I mean, just a smidge).
  • Mike is based on a real guy that lived across the street from me in elementary school, who was a huge troublemaker. I didn’t see him again until Freshman Orientation, when he was dating a girl I knew from middle school. I NEVER dated Mike, and I never would have.
  • The location of the confrontation between Gigi and Morgan never actually happened with Patrick and I (and if you want to read about the actual “confrontation,” click here. There was a similar confrontation in my junior year with a guy in my Math class, that happened before class started.
  • I never went to Homecoming, so this is what I imagined it would be like with drama and romantic stuff.
  • The house and writing room are obviously my ideal. Who wouldn’t want a soundproof room with a view to nap in?
  • The story takes place on the East Coast, but I could have just as easily based it on the West Coast.
  • The whole construction worker theme is based off of a story I wrote (and never finished) when I was 20/21, and was in love with Luke from Gilmore Girls. I don’t know where that story is, but I would likely cringe when reading it.
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A New Story is Coming

Last night I was struck by the inspiration fairy. It feels like forever since I last wrote something all the way through and was able to get down a skeleton of what I wanted to say without losing my thought process.

This story will be in a haphazard fashion. I was led by my brain, which was going several different directions. Some of the scenes or situations depicted came from my own life, with a few exceptions (which will be explained when I publish it to the site).

I almost done with the editing and revisions, but to give you an idea of how much of myself is in the the female character, I offer you this:

Screenshot (21)
Photo is from Architectural Digest

This is a writing room/library with a view, which is something I would clearly love to have in my own home.

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Post-graduation update

I thought that once I was finished with college, that I would be blogging more. But it seems that some of those final English classes convinced me that writing posts about absolutely nothing wore off on me. Also, there hasn’t been much going on with me in the last three weeks.

I completed my financial aid exit counseling last week, and found out I owe $40,000 for my education. Compared to others, that is not a lot of money. However, to someone with no money and bleak career opportunities (because I don’t have 3-5 years experience), that is an exorbitant amount of money.

I reached out to my Career Advisor (who has not been very helpful in the past) last week, and she called me on Friday, and is supposed to be calling me this afternoon. Considering that the last time we set up a phone meeting she never called, I am not optimistic she will actually call me, but I could be surprised. She provided some links to potential jobs, which I saved a couple in the event she calls and asks me what I thought.

Those two jobs I liked and saved, I feel I am qualified for, but I have a lot of self-doubt. I kind of feel like I did when I began college in 2012, and I couldn’t read books by anyone because I  was questioning my writing ability. Thankfully, I got over that, but the idea of actually working in a sector that I have spent the last few years working around for school is frightening. I wrote a post on obtaining a degree in Creative Writing on LinkedIn, which got a lot of views and some comments, none of which were negative, which was very interesting. My dad came across the post (because working for a hospital=having a LinkedIn account), and he showed it to my mom. Of course, they both read it, and remarked that I had writing skills (thanks for possibly questioning my writing skills dad). And now I need to look for something that will afford me to pay $250/month in student loans for the next twenty-five years.

Fingers crossed, everyone.

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Impending Changes

Changes are coming. Nothing too cosmetic, but I am listing this blog for future employers (per my Career Advisor’s instruction), so things are going to be a little different with the types of things I post from now on.

Right now, I am about to enter week four of my final classes (I never thought we’d get to the midterm point, but here we are), and things have been going well enough. I am doing my final project for Interdisciplinary Studies on the Syrian refugee crisis and what it means for the economies and politics of the countries involved in sheltering them (and those of us in the United States already know what that means). I am doing my final paper for History on the Salem Witch Trials (I finally get to discuss it!), and how religion and Tituba’s alleged voodoo ties work to create the perfect storm of suspicion.

I need to begin reading this week’s history text (basically an entire book), and two chapters for IDS.

With only four weeks left, I am feeling a little bit lighter. Of course a week from now, I won’t be saying the same thing: my rough draft for History is due (ten pages), and the initial slides for my IDS project will be due.

I can do this.

I just need to do this:


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2016 Edition of 7 Men I’d Roll in the Grass With

  1. Tom Hiddleston. Why, you ask? Why the hell not? It would take too long to explain the many reasons why.
  2. Andrew Hozier-Byrne. First of all, Hozier is young enough to be my little brother. Second, he is good-looking. Third, my baby sister would kill me if I actually did roll in the grass with him. But Hozier is an amazing artist, and is one master of the man-bun.
  3. Jared Leto-He is almost twelve years my senior, but damn is he handsome. He’s also immensely talented as an actor and musician.
  4. Colin Firth-An oldie, but goodie. I don’t believe that I will ever find him unattractive.
  5. Daniel Lissing-Not many people know who he is, although I have referenced him on the blog. He is an Aussie actor who stars on Hallmark Channel’s When Calls the Heart (which I would still be watching, if they hadn’t modernized the costuming and hairstyles of the women).
  6. Aidan Turner. Thanks to BBC America for introducing me to him all those years ago on Being Human, to Peter Jackson for casting him in The Hobbit, and BBC/PBS for the glorious honor of Poldark.
  7. Anthony Head. It might have been those coffee commercials of my youth that introduced me to him, but it was Buffy the Vampire Slayer that cemented my ardor for him. Anthony fully embodies every role he plays; from heartless a**hole King Uther Pendragon in Merlin to the puppet Repo Man of GeneCo in Repo! the Genetic Opera.
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Something else I’ve written

My mind has lately been focused a lot on my Aidan and Matt story, mainly because of my New Media class. For the last few days, I have had many ideas of elements I would add into the story to give it more shape and fluff it up. Yesterday (or Thursday, I can’t remember), I typed up one of them.

The scenario in which Matt and Aidan find themselves is one that I have personally experienced, except mine happened in my Early Childhood Education class with a four-year-old kid who reminded me a lot of my youngest sister. That little girl will be nineteen in a couple of months (and I refuse to believe it), and I occasionally think of that moment (although I did not do some of what Aidan does in the scene).

I have also become paranoid that someone is going to steal my ideas, so I have watermarked this short piece.