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Happy Friday the 13th and Catch-Up

Happy Friday the 13th! I am finally sitting down at my laptop to write up about Christmas, and the last couple of weeks.

Christmas went surprisingly well, despite the fact that my youngest sister received a couple of gifts that had caused some drama in the months leading up to the day itself. I got a record player, a vinyl of Thriller (which my dad had when I was a kid, and was an album I enjoyed a lot–but was not the original record, which had been thrown away years ago), and a bunch of other things. The one gift I wanted, the very popular Nintendo Classic Mini–was not one of them (by the way, should Nintendo come across this post, I want to say that it was dirty pool that you had given Target and other retailers six  consoles to sell to the public, and then not selling them again for the rest of the season. Now that Christmas is over, people are still selling these at ridiculous prices, and yet there is no indication you intend to release any more).

One of my big gifts, was a diploma/tassel frame. Apparently, my sister had a reaction to this that I had missed because I was so excited to open it.

Other than that, not much has happened. New Year’s Eve was a nightmare, as it has been since moving into an apartment, but this recent one was worse. I didn’t get to fall asleep until after 1 AM, and didn’t sleep well for the next two days following. 2016 basically was the year I became fed-up with apartment living more than before.

Also, Northern California has had a lot of rain in the last two weeks. On Sunday, my sister and I are sitting in the living room eating dinner when I heard what sounded like thunder. I turned to look out the window to watch for lightning, only to watch a tree across the lot falling over. It did some damage to the apartment building just feet from where the tree stood, but nothing that could prevent those living in the building from staying in their apartments.

That’s about it. I have a couple of photos, because I take photos of random stuff.

One of my Christmas gifts, a jewelry bowl, which sits in my bathroom.
The fallen tree
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I think I’m in the Twilight Zone. My sister and I were looking at old photos, and she came across one from a Christmas many years ago.

In it, I am holding a Heart/Hart Family doll set. What is strange is that I never remember receiving it. I wanted them so bad, but my parents couldn’t afford them. My initial theory was that they were my cousin’s, since she got the pricier gifts from our grandparents, but my sister said there was no way she would let me look at her gift.

I’ve gone back and looked at the dolls, and am now questioning if I actually did own them.


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Christmas decorations

In a bid of bringing some Christmas cheer to my living room, I got some wall stickers from Target. Having two cats who think Christmas decor means “PARTY!”  (technically it’s just one who thinks this way), it’s hard to decorate nicely. My sister went crazy decorating, and I thought I would share photos of her handiwork.

I got the leftover pieces for my room, but they came out a disaster, so no pictures from there.

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My Birthday

Was pretty good. I ate sushi with my sisters (and it was delicious), had dinner with my family, and received some awesome gifts.

  • My youngest sister bought me a moonstone ring from Etsy, which she was so eager to give me because she hadn’t been able to buy me a present in years, gave it to me a few hours early.
  • My younger sister bought me Season One of Outlander (she knows me so well!).
  • My mom (parents?) got me a silver bracelet and a balloon.

As of Friday night, I do not have to appear for jury duty today, but it’s going to be a long week leading up to Thursday.

The ring my sister bought me.
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Recent Santa Cruz Trip

My recent trip to Santa Cruz was kind of a letdown. I did more on this trip than when I went in 2014, but because there seemed to be a lot more people on the beach, being on the beach itself wasn’t as enjoyable.

I also went with my sister (the one closest in age), who spent most of the 3.5 hour trip commenting on California State drivers’ recklessness, which she herself is frightening behind the wheel. She always had something to complain about.

I rode the Skyride, which is a ski lift-type of ride that takes you over the expanse of the boardwalk. I did have some vertigo issues on the initial trip, but I got some pretty photos out of it (as well as the crowds below, unfortunately). At the end of this trip, the other three people I was in the car with unanimously voiced they would never go there again. I am not upset, seeing as even though San Diego beaches are just as inundated with people, it seems like there is more space for them.

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Rereading Vampire Academy 

As the title states, I’ve decided to reread Vampire Academy. I’ve already finished the first book, and I am about 20-30% through Frostbite. Knowing that I marked up my books with flags of favorite passages, I pulled out the other two I know I had voraciously read, Blood Promise and Spirit Bound

To prove the level of passages I enjoyed, I took a picture of all three books (Frostbite is also there). To offer even further information: even when I did research for my college classes, I never flagged this much. 

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A New Story is Coming

Last night I was struck by the inspiration fairy. It feels like forever since I last wrote something all the way through and was able to get down a skeleton of what I wanted to say without losing my thought process.

This story will be in a haphazard fashion. I was led by my brain, which was going several different directions. Some of the scenes or situations depicted came from my own life, with a few exceptions (which will be explained when I publish it to the site).

I almost done with the editing and revisions, but to give you an idea of how much of myself is in the the female character, I offer you this:

Screenshot (21)
Photo is from Architectural Digest

This is a writing room/library with a view, which is something I would clearly love to have in my own home.

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Silly Things I Did As a Teenager

Author’s Note: Upon further inspection, I discovered this Rolling Stone issue is from May 2000. I would have likely read this as road trip entertainment, since I was moving across the country in June of that same year (with that said, my hair was cut similar to hers in 1999, I just don’t know who the inspiration might have been).

At the moment, this will be only one example. I know in the back of my mind that I did some ridiculous stuff, but I can only think of this one example.

When I was 15-16, I lived my life by all things Pop music-related. I was the odd girl in 1999 who was either in love with ‘NSYNC or Backstreet Boys–I liked them both immensely*; who couldn’t figure out what Christina Aguilera’s deal was, but I knew something was off about her (and when she made “Dirrty” I figured it out); and who cut her hair to look like Britney Spears.

In the summer of 1999, Britney appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, bearing this haircut (which might have been a wig):

I also had shorts that laced up like her pants.

I was captivated by the length of her hair; the purposeful messiness of it, and I felt I needed it. For a bit of background on me at that age: five years earlier, my hair was very short. I hated having short hair, and I had grown my hair out about two years earlier. My favorite thing about my long hair in high school was that when I ran in P.E. class, I could see my ponytail swinging; and now I wanted to lop it all off so I could have this haircut.

I didn’t look like Britney. Photographic evidence exists of this haircut (and it is in my sophomore yearbook; along with the skunk hair color of my formerly-red highlights that went blonde), but I am far too ashamed to take a photo of that photo. I cut my hair in July (but not as short as Britney’s), because it had grown out badly by August, when school photos were taken. My hair was still long enough that I could pull it into a ponytail and let it swing and smack me in the face in volleyball class.

*Even by today’s standards of BSB vs ‘NSYNC, it is blasphemous to like both of them. To clarify, my friends also liked both boy bands (and were of course in love with Nick and Justin–ICK!), but they always had a higher preference for one over the other. If you ask 32-year old Colleen if she still feels the same, I would say no. I now have a much higher preference for ‘NSYNC over Backstreet Boys.