This will take you to the various stories I have posted on here. I chose out ones I think people might be interested in.

  • A story about a passionate first meeting–not kid-friendly.
  • Notes about the above story, featuring the songs I used while writing it.
  • A short little thing inspired by Tom Hiddleston’s performance in The Deep Blue Sea.
  • A short little thing inspired by the Irish band, Evora. And here is the extension.
  • Another short story inspired by a song by Evora.
  • A story inspired by a prompt I made for readers to submit an idea since I was having writer’s block.
  • This is a story about a man and woman who meet at a wedding. It was during my Eoin Macken phase (which still continues, but has weakened to a steady burn while he is dating his girlfriend).
  • This is a story I wrote some time ago, that I found and cleaned up. The locations are real, except for the doctor’s office, which I based off the doctor’s office I used to frequent in Littleton, NH.

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